About Us

What is Arte Facte?

Arte Facte is like a familiar lighthouse on land for ships heading home.

What does this mean?

If you enjoy photographing people but have never dared to rent a photo studio, then our place is perfect for you. Our price, quality, and equipment are much lower than anywhere else. And if you’re a beginner, we will explain and show you everything. And if you’re already a professional photographer, then you will definitely enjoy our studio and all the equipment in it. 

Are you a teacher or a master of your craft? And do you want to share it with others? Our place can be perfectly transformed for an audience, a masterclass, or a workshop. And all of this is priced at only 30 euros per hour. Do you teach regularly and have a regular group on specific days? Write to us, and we will offer you a special offer below our regular price. 

Are you an organizer of a book club, women’s club, or any other organization? Our space, along with its cozy equipped kitchen, will solve all your problems. And if you need a buffet or catering, we will be happy to help you order what you need for your number of guests. 

After reading this, you might ask, “How did the idea of Arte Facte come about?” We wanted to create a place that would have an aura that you cannot ignore. 

It’s a place that, once you come to it, you will want to return to and invite your friends. It’s a place for pleasant meetings, friendly people, and beautiful sunset views from the window.

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If you have an idea for your future seminar, meeting or a workshop but you have any doubts, contact us